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Should I workout before a photoshoot

Body image is not about your body it is about how you see yourself in your mind

Everybody usually has that feeling that you have to workout, buy more clothes, or wait for a special occasion to invest in yourself. But it shouldn’t be like that, because everyday is a special day to celebrate that we are alive and have our loved ones with us.

Sometimes those insecurities grow inside us from other people’s comments. In those cases, it is recommended (some advice to improve your self-esteem) that you take some time to yourself and ask:

How are you going to feel different if you lose weight?

So, the answer to the question; Should I workout before a photoshoot? It is simple, NO you don’t have to workout before a photoshoot or wait until you lose weight.

If you struggle with that feeling in your head and you are just postponing that photoshoot that you really want thinking that you need to lose weight to look better in front the camera, you should ask yourself, how are you going to feel different if you lost weight?  Because body image is not about your body is about how you see yourself in your mind.

Another thing that we usually experience is to see ourselves differently depending on the time in our life, and it is common to see that old photo with family, friends or a photo studio and think how good you use to look back at that time. But when you remember that moment from your life you can remember that you use to judge yourself and think that you weren’t beautiful enough.  

curve body

If you are not sure yet about how you would look in a photograph, you have to know that a professional photographer is going to help you to be confident and teach you how to pose in front of the camera. That way you are going to get those memories that you have always dreamed of.

So don’t wait for the perfect body, the perfect day, the perfect moment because you already have it. You just have to liberate your body and your mind and enjoy your photoshoot.