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How to prepare for your Photo Shoot in 6 steps

You have booked your photo shoot and now the big question is “How should I prepare for my photo shoot?”

Outdoor photo Shoot

The big question is “How should I prepare for it?”

Well, there are 6 things that you must consider before going to your dream photo shoot.

  1. Arrive to your photo shoot with clean hair. That way, it is going to be easier for the hair stylist to do your hair the way you want it.
  2. Do your nails there is a great artist that can help you with that @styleitwithanna
  3. Match the colour of your underwear with the colour of your outfit. Be careful to match your underwear to your outfit; if you are doing a formal shoot, avoid using sporty underwear. It is always better to use a bra with a thin strap.
  4. Take a different pair of shoes for each outfit that you want to be photographed in.  Bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes if you have to walk to the location.
  5. If you’re taking photos with your partner, be sure that your partner is as prepared for the photo shoot as you are. Also you can check some couples photos before your shoot here to be ready.
  6. Check the outfit the night before the photo shoot to be sure that you have everything that you want.
Different  types of photo shoots

Bonus: Always enjoy the moment. It is a wonderful experience for your relationship and something you can treasure for the rest of your life.